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Gated Toll Lanes at the CBBT

Why are there gated toll lanes at the CBBT?

Anyone who travels toll roads knows that most facilities utilize open-road tolling, which requires no stopping…just an E-ZPass.    Because the CBBT is located in a marine environment and includes two underwater tunnels, this facility comes with some unique situations that require our toll attendants to communicate with you, the traveler!  So, if the CBBT is part of your travel route, please be prepared to stop and here are some reasons why:

  1. Exposure to high winds. When winds across the facility reach 40 mph or greater, restrictions of certain types of vehicles is required.
  2. Some hazmat restrictions as well as compressed gas regulations apply to many trucks and RVs. These vehicles must be inspected prior to crossing the facility.
  3. Over height vehicles must be measured and inspected, as the maximum vehicle height permitted to cross is 13’-6”.
  4. In the event of police activity, accidents or closures, it is important that we stop all traffic before entering the facility.
  5. Don’t have an E-ZPass? The CBBT accepts cash and credit cards for toll payment as well!  Please stay to the right and a toll attendant will accept your payment.
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