The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District is a “political subdivision” of the Commonwealth of Virginia and employs approximately 160 employees.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel Commission is the governing body of the District and the Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the District and reports directly to the Commission.


Executive Division

Management, Operations & Employees

In addition to the Executive Office, the District is divided into five divisions: Finance, Operations, Maintenance, Capital Construction and Management Information Systems.


Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for all financial activities of the District. This includes daily auditing of toll revenues, verifying and disbursing operating expenditures, investment of all funds, preparing and disbursing payroll, overseeing the annual budget and maintaining all financial records and systems. The Finance Division administers the District’s insurance and human resource programs.

Additionally, the Finance Division is responsible for the District’s marketing and public relations programs. These programs are directed toward improving communication and customer service to the traveling public and promoting positive community relations through interaction with local civic organizations.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is divided into two departments: Toll Collection Department and Police Department. The Toll Collection Department is comprised of 21 employees. In addition to the normal responsibilities of classifying vehicles and collecting the proper tolls, the personnel in the Toll Collection Department disseminate travel information to customers and work closely with the Police Department in the enforcement of rules and regulations of the District.

Within the Police Department, there are 39 Police Officers and 25 Emergency Response personnel. The primary functions of the Police Department are to render service to the District’s customers and to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow across the facility. The Police Department, utilizing both Police Officers and Emergency Response personnel, provides all traffic control during maintenance operations within the roadway proper. Another function of the Police Department is to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia within the facility’s limits.


The Capital Construction Division oversees the various extraordinary maintenance projects as well as all capital projects such as the Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project.  As an aid in the planning process for major maintenance and repair projects, the District utilizes a six-year plan which is revised on a semi-annual basis.

The Maintenance Division maintains the District’s bridges, tunnels, roadways, buildings, fleet and grounds.  The Maintenance Division also maintains the electrical supply systems, lighting systems, tunnel ventilation systems, tunnel pumping systems and all other electrical and mechanical components of the facility.

The Management Information Systems Division is responsible for the maintenance of toll collection equipment, customer advisory signs, the E-ZPass system, the District supervisory control and data advisory equipment, the computer network, the District’s radio and telephone communication networks and the cyber-security program.


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