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Request for Qualifications for
Miscellaneous Engineering Services

Proposal No. M-23-001

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District (CBBTD) has issued a request for qualifications for Miscellaneous Engineering Services for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District.  The District is inviting proposals from individual Consulting Engineering Firms or Corporations having a nationwide and favorable reputation for skill and experience to perform duties described in the Request for Qualifications.  Proposals will be received until 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 28, 2022.

A non-mandatory ,virtual pre-proposal conference will be held via WebEx on September 29, 2022, starting promptly at 10:00 a.m. As there are a limited number of connections that can occur for this type of meeting, the District is limiting one connection per organization. You are free to have as many people at your location participating, but please limit your connection to the WebEx meeting to one per organization.

All information regarding this RFQ can be found through the link below or by contacting Mr. Michael T. Crist, P. E., Deputy Executive Director, Infrastructure, at (757) 331-2960.

Request for Qualifications for Miscellaneous Engineering Services
Proposal No. M-23-001

Invitation for Bid
Steel Repair Bridges

Bid Number M-23-002

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District (CBBTD) has issued an invitation for bids to provide all work including all labor, materials, equipment, appurtenances and services to provide complete steel repairs per the drawings and specifications. Steel repairs generally involve cleaning, preparing and coating corroded areas performing a combination of shop and field drilled holes in steel members, and bolting fabricated splice plates in place per the project drawings.

A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on October 4, 2022, at 10:00am. It will be held at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District Administration Building, located at the North Toll Plaza, U.S. Route 13, Northampton County, VA. The pre-bid conference is open to all interested potential contractors, subcontractors and/or suppliers. Interested parties should contact Mr. Timothy R. Holloway, Director of Maintenance, by phone at (757) 331-2960 at least two days in advance of the conference date in order to arrange for toll-free passage.

NOTE:  Attendance at the pre-bid conference and site visitation is mandatory for Bidders and a prerequisite for submitting a bid.  Bidders shall register in writing with the District at the pre-bid conference.   Failure on the part of a Bidder to attend the pre-bid conference for this project and to register their attendance with the District will be cause for their bid to be rejected.  Such bids will not be opened, but will be returned to the Bidder. Please bring a Hard Hat, Safety Vest and harness, for the mandatory site visitation portion of the pre-bid conference.

All bids will be received no later than 2:00 p.m. on November 1, 2022, in the office of the Director of Maintenance, CBBTD, 32386 Lankford Highway, Cape Charles, Virginia 23310, Attention: Mr. Timothy R. Holloway, at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read.

Steel Repair Bridges Project Specifications
Steel Repair Bridges Project Drawings
Steel Repair Bridges Fillable Bid Document
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