The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel began a Substructure Repair Project in January 2007. This project was awarded to Precon Construction of Chesapeake, Virginia in the amount of $13.5 million.

The project included repairs to various substructure units (cylinder piles and pile caps) of northbound Trestle A’ and A (northbound).  The remainder of the work consisted of substructure bent repairs to be performed at scattered locations on northbound Trestles B and C and on southbound Fisherman Inlet Bridge.

Work consisted of performing maintenance repairs and structural repairs, both above and below water, on 624 54-inch diameter concrete cylinder piles  and performing maintenance repairs on 181 pile caps. Additional work included installing cathodic protection fiberglass jackets around 218 piles and applying a protective coating to the vertical faces of various bent caps and to the above-water and above-ground portions of some non-jacketed piles. A number of the piles that required jackets also required the installation of structural carbon fiber bands to provide structural confinement capacity. The work also involved applying a sealer to the tops of some of the bent caps in an area above the piles.

This project was deemed complete in April 2012.