The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel recently underwent a Scour Remediation Project.  This project consisted of placing a stone blanket over portions of the Thimble Shoal Tunnel and the Chesapeake Channel Tunnel in areas where the cover materials had eroded over the years. Work was also performed in designated areas along Trestle B northbound and Trestle C northbound. This involved filling localized scour holes with riprap at some bent locations immediately followed by placing longitudinal riprap dikes on the east and west sides of the trestles at designated locations or by placing riprap as scour protection blankets beneath and on the east and west sides of the trestles at the designated locations.

The project was awarded in January 2008 to Skanska USA Civil SE, Inc. of Norfolk, VA in the amount of $19 million. All work was waterborne, thus not interrupting the flow of traffic. Total rock placed on the project was 313,944 tons and this project was deemed complete in April 2012.

The District routinely performs hydrographic surveys to monitor scour across the facility.