The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel awarded the project to repair and repave the roadways of tunnels and open approach roads to Conrad Brothers of Chesapeake, VA at its April 9, 2013 Commission meeting. This project was awarded in the amount of $4,986,343.03.

This project consisted of the removal and replacement of  asphalt concrete overlay at the roadway level in both Thimble and Chesapeake Tunnels and along the open approach roadway between the expansion joint at the trestle abutments located at the end of each portal island and the tunnel portal drain located on each portal island.

The work generally consisted of the complete removal and replacement of asphalt wearing surface in the tunnels and a partial depth removal and replacement of the asphalt wearing surface in the open approaches. Following asphalt removal, at some locations, repairs were required to deteriorated areas on the top side of the concrete roadway slab in the tunnels or to deteriorated areas in the exposed asphalt or underlying concrete base slab in the open approaches.

Also included in the work were concrete repairs to the underside of the tunnel roadway slabs, removal and replacement of the expansion joint material between each of the open approach walls and the face of the adjacent ventilation building (tunnel portal) at each end of both tunnels (eight locations), and minor concrete repairs on both sides of the portal drains at each end of both tunnels. This work also included some modifications to all of the tunnel roadway manholes in each tunnel, including replacement of the upper manhole covers.

This project was completed in May 2015 for a total cost of $5,492,677.