Pave and Mark South Plaza, Administration, and Rest Area Parking Lots and Expand North Toll Plaza Parking Lot

In July 2012, this paving project was awarded to Asphalt Roads and Materials of Virginia Beach, VA, in the amount of $396,267.05. A preconstruction meeting was held on July 25, 2012.

This project consisted of furnishing and placing Asphalt Concrete Pavement, SM 9.5D, on existing surfaces for a compacted thickness of one and one-half inches. Said work occurred at South Plaza, as well as at the Administration parking lot and the North Toll Plaza Rest Area Parking lot. Expansion of an existing parking lot also occurred at North Toll Plaza.

This project successfully placed 3,683.03 tons of asphalt as well as 14,893.5 linear feet of striping and was completed in December of 2012.