Ms. Taylor

submitted by Shania
Kiptopeke Elementary School

I hope that you will enjoy the name I want to name the boring machine.  Now I am going to share the story behind the name.  The woman I chose is a real person.  The name of the woman is Ms. Taylor.  Ms. Taylor is my bus driver.  She drives bus 39 at Kiptopeke Elementary School.  She is one of my favorite bus drivers.  She is kind, helpful, nice, and caring. There are some people who don’t like nor appreciate her but I do.

The reason I chose her name is because of what she has done for me.  One day when I got on the bus I started to get bullied and she was the one to make it stop.  Sometimes I am not on the bus in the afternoon.  When I am not on the bus she makes sure that my two younger brothers are not getting teased.  In my opinion I really think she is a good person.

So this is my essay.  I wanted to enter because I don’t think that anyone would want to write about their bus driver, but I wanted to think outside the box.

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