All motorists, including E-ZPass customers, are advised to BE PREPARED TO STOP AT THE TOLL BOOTH!  This brief stop will allow CBBT Toll Collectors the opportunity to communicate the traffic pattern changes ahead.

Beginning the morning of February 8, travelers are advised to remain alert and travel with caution across the northern portion of the CBBT as all northbound traffic is diverted to the southbound span of “C” trestle, creating a bi-directional flow of traffic for approximately 10 miles.

The CBBT will remain open to all traffic throughout the project, but for safety reasons, a portion of this 4-lane facility will reduce to two lanes to allow for the paving of the northbound span.  Absolutely no passing will be allowed.  Additionally, the scenic overlook will be temporarily closed to the public during this phase of the project.

Phase II of the milling and repaving project on the northern portion of the CBBT will begin at Portal Island #4 and continue across “C” Trestle Northbound to Fisherman Island.

This project is scheduled to be complete with all lanes open to traffic by May 2020, paving the way for a smoother journey into the spring/summer tourism season.   The scenic overlook will also reopen to travelers at this time.

Allan Myers, Inc. was awarded the capital project to mill and repave the trestles in July 2019.  Phase I of this project began in September 2019 and included the repaving of the dual southbound lanes of “C” trestle.  Phase II will include the repaving of the dual northbound lanes of “C” Trestle.

This is the first repaving project performed since the Parallel Crossing Project, Phase I was complete in 1999.