Work continues on the CBBT as we pave the way for a smoother journey this spring season.

Allan Myers, Inc. has completed the milling and paving along the northern portion of the facility from Island #4 to Fisherman Island (known as “C” Trestle), and the dual lanes are now open to northbound traffic.  Work is also complete on the portal trench drain replacement as well as the paving in the open approach area of Portal Island #4 at Chesapeake Channel Tunnel.

Northbound travelers continue to be advised to remain alert and travel with caution as a single lane closure is in place across “A” Trestle, beginning near the South Toll Plaza in Virginia Beach and continuing to the first island (Portal Island #1), as Phase III of the milling and repaving project is now underway.

Allan Myers, Inc. was awarded the capital project to mill and repave the trestles in July 2019.  Phase I of this project began in September 2019 and included the repaving of the dual southbound lanes of “C” trestle.  Phase II included the repaving of the dual northbound lanes of “C” Trestle.

This is the first repaving project performed since the Parallel Crossing Project, Phase I was complete in 1999.