Important Safety Considerations

Enjoy the benefits of E-Z Pass but please pay attention to the following safety considerations:

1. All CBBT toll lanes are gated. Be prepared to stop.
2. Obey posted speed limits.
3. Never back up at the toll plaza.
4. Your transponder MUST be affixed to your windshield at the proper location and should NOT be held in your hand.
5. Come to a complete stop at staffed lanes.
6. Do not get out of your vehicle in the toll lane.
Always Remember: Always obey all traffic signs and signals and never back out of a toll lane, for your safety and the safety of others.

*Toll Collectors do NOT have access to your E-Z Pass account, so they cannot answer account questions in the toll lane. You must call or visit an E-Z Pass Customer Service Center in the state that houses your account and a representative will be happy to assist you.


How Your Transponder Works

As you pass through a toll lane, your E-Z Pass transponder is read in the read zone, which is 50 feet prior to the gated toll lane.

Instantly, the transponder is read by an antenna. The proper toll is deducted from your pre-paid E-Z Pass Account.

At the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, if you are making a return trip that qualifies for the 24-hour roundtrip toll discount, you do not need to do anything special. This is handled automatically.

The gates at the CBBT will raise automatically once a valid transponder is read.
A paid message is immediately displayed to you just beyond the toll booth.

If your transponder fails to read and the gate remains down, look to the left and push the button which has a sign that states “PRESS BUTTON FOR ASSISTANCE.” This will alert personnel in the plaza that you need assistance. You will then be given further instructions.

To avoid toll violations, always have your transponder installed properly by affixing as per the mounting instructions provided with your transponder(s).

E-Z Pass Account Replenishment

Replenish Points to Remember:

Credit cards must always be valid and have a current expiration date.
Credit cards expire, so you must inform the Customer Service Center of the new expiration date – BUT, do not update the credit card information with the Customer Service Center before your new credit card is activated.
If you change, switch, or cancel your credit card, you must also notify the Customer Service Center.
Remember, you must have an adequate available balance on your credit card for E-Z Pass automatic replenishment to occur.
If your account is set up for automatic replenishment, it will be replenished within 24 hours of reaching the low balance threshold unless E-Z Pass experiences a problem and can’t process your replenishment. If you see the yellow light for two (2) days in a row, ┬ácontact the Customer Service Center. This automatic replenishment takes up to 48 hours to register if you are out-of-state.