CBBT Commuter Discount Class – 30 one-way trips/30 days

In January 2014, the CBBT implemented toll rate changes which included four new discount toll rate classes, including the 30/30 discount class. This $6 one-way toll rate is available to users who make 30 one-way trips across the CBBT within a 30-day period, utilizing the same E-ZPass transponder for all 30 trips.

How it works:

The customer must make 30 one-way trips across the CBBT within the last 720 hours, which equals 30 days.

To qualify for this discount, the crossing must be made in a 2-axle, 4-tire Class 1 passenger vehicle.

The customer must use the SAME E-ZPass transponder for all 30 or more one-way trips.

The E-ZPass system does a computerized “look back” at the customer’s history of trips across the CBBT from the last 720 hours to determine if the customer qualifies for the discounted rate.

If the customer has made 29 or more trips during the 30-day “look back” period, the one-way toll of $6 is charged, beginning with the 30th trip.

Additionally, crossings made with a Class 2, Class 3 or Class 4 vehicle will be included in the trip count, but the 30/30 discount does not apply to these classes of vehicles.

The discount is calculated by the usage of an individual TRANSPONDER, NOT an E-ZPass account.

The discounted toll rate of $6 is NOT retroactive.

The discounted toll rate will NOT apply until such time that the transponder reflects 30 or more trips within the past 720 hours, or 30 days.

If a user breaks the cycle of 30 one-way trips, the toll charge will return to the normal toll rate less any applicable discount until the threshold is met again.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds in their E-ZPass account at all times.  Insufficient funds will result in non-acceptance of E-ZPass, thus resulting in a “lost trip” on the commuter account history.

For additional questions or concerns regarding the CBBT 30/30 discount, please call 757.331.2960