Bessy the Boring Bufflehead

submitted by Caleb
Broadwater Academy

I chose “Bessy the Boring Bufflehead” as the name for the CBBT Tunnel Boring Machine.  A Bufflehead is a really pretty diving duck that is abundant on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  I think it is a good name because when Buffleheads eat corn, fish, or any other food underwater, their bills work like a drill in the ground.  When they eat, the dirt is pivoted up in the water like the way the boring machine takes the dirt away as it bores underground.  The Bufflehead drakes have green, blue, pink, and purple coloring on their heads.  They live throughout the Chesapeake Bay and all around on the bayside.  The hens are brown except on the head where they have a white circle.  When Buffleheads migrate they use the Chesapeake Bay as their route.  When Buffleheads find food they start swimming in circles like the rotating cutter head on the TBM.  That is why I think that “Bessy the Boring Bufflehead” would be a good name for the Tunnel Boring Machine.

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